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Meet the team that powers Vetcove's product and customer support

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Our Story

We’re two brothers who grew up working in our dad’s equine practice in New Jersey. Like most clinics, we just accepted that inventory was a cumbersome chore. We spent countless hours locating products, navigating backorders, and comparing options across vendors. And we trusted a few key vendors to take good care of us.

Many years and academic degrees later, we got a chance to see the inner workings of veterinary supply. We learned how vendors charge different prices to every clinic using a system of tiers, and how our reps’ commissions increased when they raised our prices. We lost the ability to profitably resell most products, and running a successful practice became steadily more difficult. We decided to embark on a mission to help veterinary organizations like ours do better in this challenging environment — and Vetcove was born.

Vetcove isn’t going to solve all of the challenges your clinic faces, but we promise that it will make inventory easier, faster, and cheaper. It will help you find the best products, the lowest-cost vendor to purchase it from, and whether you can resell it profitably. You’ll have access to the most extensive combined catalog in the industry, and one easy-to-use tool for purchasing from all of the vendors you’re already using.

Vetcove Today

We’re incredibly proud of how far we’ve come since Vetcove first launched in late 2015. Thousands of clinics log in to do their purchasing on Vetcove every week across all 50 States. Collectively, they’ve saved millions of dollars, and countless hours of work.

Our hospital members include small animal clinics, cat exclusives, equine practices, farm practices, and exotic animal hospitals. Organizations serving the public rely on us too, including zoos, aquariums, parks, and academic teaching hospitals. We’re also very proud to be helping hundreds of nonprofits across the country, including SPCAs, shelter systems, and rescue organizations.

For the first time, transparency of the ordering process is back in the control of the veterinary owner, and we’re incredibly proud of the positive impact we’re having on veterinarians and staff across the country.

“Keep it Free” Commitment

Our commitment to the veterinary community is that we’ll keep Vetcove completely free and accessible to every veterinary organization that wishes to use it. We’ll continue to support and improve Vetcove every day, operate ethically, and ensure that Vetcove continues to be a force for good in the veterinary community.

Vetcove Code of Ethics

In accordance with our mission to provide a fair and ethical marketplace for veterinary purchasing, Vetcove will…

Keep it Free

We’ll keep our core platform free and accessible to as many veterinary organizations as possible, so that no organization that can benefit from Vetcove’s services feels it cannot afford to do so.

Put Vets First

We’ll ensure our strategic decisions are in the best interests of independent veterinarians and their staff, for whom Vetcove was created. We seek to promote the well-being of the veterinary profession as we grow and expand our services.

Display All Data

We’ll provide veterinary purchasers with as much data and unbiased product information as possible, so long as such data is legal and ethical to possess, to aid them in making good purchasing decisions that help their businesses

Exclude No Supplier

We’ll never exclude any supplier, manufacturer, or diagnostic laboratory from our catalog for any reason, so long as veterinarians can reasonably make use of these entities’ products or services to further their practice of medicine.

Keep Pricing Private

Vetcove will never share, display, or make public your pricing between any supplier (distributor or manufacturer) and buying entity (clinic or GPO), even if de-identified or aggregated. Displayed supplier-specific pricing shall be limited to the one set of prices a given buyer already has access to.

Treat Suppliers Fairly

We’ll never promote one supplier over another for the same (or equivalent) product, or inhibit a supplier’s ability to compete on fair and equal ground. Suppliers will earn a veterinary organization’s business through fair pricing and value-added service.

Remove No Suppliers

We’ll never remove a supplier or manufacturer from our catalog without a court order, unless the party ceases to exist due to acquisition or insolvency, or removal is in the best interests of the veterinary community.

Rank Products Fairly

We’ll ensure products are ranked and discovered on their own merits. Visibility is earned through community sentiment, purchase popularity, a track record of positive reviews, and active manufacturer involvement in the community.

Disallow Dollar Bullying

We won’t offer services that allow a manufacturer, no matter how large or established, to gain superior competitive positioning using its size or deep pockets, at the exclusion of other, smaller manufacturers. Selling on Vetcove is pay to play rather than pay to win, and affords the same opportunities and affordable services to all manufacturers.

Police Product Reviews

We’ll police our platform to ensure the authenticity of all product reviews on Vetcove. Reviews will never be removed unless we discover a review originated from unauthorized account access, or describes use of a drug not approved by the FDA that can materially harm the manufacturer, veterinarians, or patients if not removed.

Encourage Discussion

We’ll promote cordial and respectful discourse among Vetcove users in all reviews, review comments, and Q&A sections. We will take swift action to uphold our Terms of Use to ensure our users feel safe and respected in their use of Vetcove.

Use Data Responsibly

We’ll use aggregated data responsibly to improve each clinic’s experience on Vetcove and for the good of the veterinary community. Vetcove will never share personally identifiable or pricing data with any third party for any reason without explicit permission.

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