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Diagnostic Labs

Industry’s Largest Catalog

By combining every animal health vendor into one catalog, Vetcove accounts for 99.9% of all products veterinarians use.

Search One and Done

Search any item and see suppliers’ pricing and stock, detailed insights, rich media, and alternative options to help you decide.

Your Own Suppliers

All the animal health vendors you know and love are here. See a full list once you create your Vetcove account.

Easily Compare Suppliers

Your Special Pricing

You’ll receive your corporate group or rep-negotiated pricing right on Vetcove, just like you’d see on your vendors’ websites.

Buying Group Support

All purchasing groups are fully supported on Vetcove, ensuring you get your special pricing and still qualify for your rebates.


Stock & Warehouses

See how many a vendor has left in stock, and if the item will be shipped from your primary warehouse, or an alternate one.

Unified Purchasing

Build orders, manage shopping carts, and complete checkout—all on Vetcove.

The Smartest Cart

See all items you’re planning to purchase at once, and view your totals from each vendor easily.

Move Between Vendors

Easily move items from one vendor to another to meet order minimums or simplify your order.

Logistics Don’t Change

Placing orders through Vetcove doesn’t change your pricing, billing, shipping times, or rep relationships.

Purchase Tracking

Search all orders you’ve placed, and track all incoming packages, from every vendor at once.

Order History

View and search a complete purchase history of from all vendors. Quickly find any order you’ve placed, or any item you’ve previously purchased.

Price Change Alerts

When you view an item in search or from one of your lists, see your complete purchase history for that item, and how pricing has changed since you last ordered.

Visual Analytics

See interactive graphs to truly understand your purchasing, with insights by vendor, manufacturer, and product.

Free Samples

Try exciting new products in exchange for honest reviews.

No Obligation

Manufacturers ship the product to you at their own expense, and you have zero obligation to buy later.

New Samples Added Weekly

New items are added to the program regularly, so you’ll get to try many great new products.

One Click Requests

Requesting a sample is simple. Just click the product you’d like to try, and the manufacturer will send it your way!

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