Hospital Group Owners

Manage and optimize inventory across all of your locations

Vetcove provides a complete visual picture of purchasing habits across distributors and manufacturers for all hospitals in your group. Draw better insights, negotiate more effective group deals, and enable purchasers to effortlessly keep inventory costs to an absolute minimum.

Hospital group owners receive a custom-branded Vetcove purchasing portal for each location, access to a powerful real-time analytics dashboard across all hospitals, and tools that track and measure inventory behaviors against pre-defined guidelines.

Best of all, implementing Vetcove is completely turnkey and extremely affordable. We’ll have your group up and running in a day. Welcome to the future of veterinary purchasing.

Enhance Corporate Group Profitability

Understanding and optimizing purchasing across hospitals is easier than you ever thought possible.

Real-Time Granular Purchase Analytics

As group owner, Vetcove centralizes all your hospitals’ purchase data up-to-the-minute, and empowers you with a dynamic dashboard to truly grasp what’s happening. Gain pricing and spending insights across distributors, manufacturers, compounding pharmacies, and diagnostic laboratories.

View data and trends across all hospitals at once, or drill down to the behaviors of any individual hospital in your group. Armed with a complete understanding of vendors and product usage, you can focus your attention and negotiation efforts on profit-driving changes and vendor relationships.

...and much more

Drive & Measure Compliance

When your hospitals use Vetcove, discovering the best products and buying from the lowest-cost vendors is so easy. For your corporate group, Vetcove will also make it easier to measure and enforce compliance for your negotiated group deals.

Your preferred vendors will be highlighted for each purchaser while they shop on Vetcove. We’ll even show an effective price for these products, after all relevant discounts and rebates, to ensure purchasers make the right decision each and every time. You can even see how your hospitals comply with your pre-defined purchase guidelines and group deals anytime.

Flagging of Suboptimal Behaviors

No corporate group has time to monitor each purchaser’s every move. Vetcove provides the automatic insights you need to see which locations are doing well, and which need attention. If a location isn’t complying with guidelines, orders too many products from a higher-cost source, or is paying more than other hospitals in the group for a given product, it will automatically be flagged for corporate review. Monitoring purchasing has never been so easy!

Coastal Cat Clinic

Purchasing From More Expensive Sources

Orders from lowest-cost option: 82% | Target: 95%

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital

Ordering Fixed-Price Items from Wrong Source

From Preferred Vendor: 64% | Target: 90%

Paws & Claws Animal Hospital

Below Minimum on Merck Vaccines

Spent: $2,492 | Target: $5,000

Green Shores Veterinary Clinic

Ordered Lactated Ringers At Higher Cost

Paid: $84.95/unit | Group Avg: $65.40/unit

Village Veterinary Clinic

Total Inventory Spend Above Target

Q2 Spend: 26% | Target: 15%

Clinics Save More With Vetcove

Ensure Best Pricing

Vetcove ensures purchasers order each and every item from the lowest-cost vendor, with zero guesswork.

Reduced Staff Time

A single website for ordering from all vendors reduces the staff time required to purchase and manage inventory.

Happier Purchasers

One unified catalog means zero frustration identifying who has stock of backordered or hard-to-find products.

Your Custom Purchasing Portal

A custom-branded solution that keeps inventory managers aligned and purchasing optimally.

Your Group’s Buying Portal

Each purchaser in your group will use a custom version of Vetcove tailored to your group. Possible customizations include:

  • Corporate group logo at sign-in and within Vetcove
  • Custom messaging and buying guidance
  • Preferred vendor and effective pricing after rebates
  • Custom purchasing web address at your domain of choice

Onboarding Made Easy

Continuing to add hospitals to your group? Getting them set up is a breeze. Our team will have them up and running on Vetcove in minutes. Once the vendors you’ve negotiated groups deals with add the new location to your group pricing tier, Vetcove automatically takes care of the rest. Hospitals will be immediately saving money and purchasing optimally with no additional training.

Want to learn more?

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