NEW! Vetcove Cash Back Deals

Earn extra cash back on a rotating selection of products when you buy through Vetcove

What are Vetcove Cash Back Deals?

Vetcove works directly with product manufacturers to offer short-term cash back offers on certain products, exclusively available on the Vetcove site. All of the deals are totally additive to any special pricing, discounts, or rebates you might be receiving on these products.
Once you’ve claimed a deal on a search results listing or from your deals page and purchased that product through any of the vendors you have connected on Vetcove, you will see that cash back as pending in your cash back account. After a holding period to ensure that the product has been shipped and not returned, you will be able to redeem that cash back!

How do I get my practice set up to start earning cash back?

If you have a Vetcove account with all of your vendor accounts connected, you’re already good to go! Before taking advantage of your first deal, you may be prompted to update some of your practice’s information so that we can verify your account and confirm your eligibility. You may also update your practice's information on this page at any time.

Who pays for these deals?

All deals on Vetcove are financed directly by the manufacturer of that product. Vetcove simply offers manufacturers a platform on which to offer discounts and handles the rewards redemptions for each of our users!

Do Vetcove cash back deals conflict with any of my current pricing or other vendor deals?

The answer to this question in all cases is no! All of Vetcove’s deals are additive to any other discounts or special promotions that you might be getting on a product. This includes any discounts or rebates you’re earning through a group purchasing organization (GPO), as part of a corporate hospital group agreement, or any other negotiated or special pricing.

Where can I view all of the deals I'm being offered?

You can view your deals in 3 places:
Deals Page: Click on the “Deals” tab in the Vetcove header bar or head here. From the Deals Page, you can view all of the deals you have available. Clicking on any deal will bring you to a list of all eligible items for that deal.
Search results pages: You’ll see your deals directly in your search results so that you can claim the cash back as you shop.
Carts page: You’ll be reminded of the deal one last time on the carts page, so you can be sure you don’t miss it

How do I actually earn a reward?

In order to earn a reward and have the money deposited into your Vetcove Cash Back account, you will need to:
· Make sure your Vetcove account and clinic information is up to date here.
· Head to the deals page and see what deals you have available today.
· Click on the deal you’d like to take advantage of to see eligible items.
· Click on the box on the item listing that you’d like to earn cash back on. You may see some content from the manufacturer before clicking “claim deal”. Once you’ve claimed this deal, just purchase that product to earn the cash back!

Is there a limit to how much cash back I can earn?

For individual campaigns, there may be a limit to the amount of cash back that is able to be earned across practices; however, Vetcove does not set any limit on the amount of cash back an individual practice can earn through the platform, so take advantage of any deals you’d like!

How long will my cash back stay in my account before it expires?

As long as your Vetcove account remains open and active, your cash back will remain in your account for 24 months from the time it is earned.

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