Bobby Becker

Woodlake Animal Hospital

Moseley, VA


Practice Manager


August 2015

Vetcove Member Since

Current Role

I am the practice manager of a 3 Veterinarian small animal hospital in Midlothian Virginia. My many duties include managing the budget, HR, and inventory management and helping source items for a hospital expansion that is in the planning phase. I have helped bring our COGs down by utilizing Vetcove and by negotiating the best pricing possible with our vendors.

Favorite Vetcove Tip

I enjoy the checkout function through Vetcove. This new feature saves me from having to log into each distributor site and finish my ordering.

Favorite Veterinary Life Hack

One way I have organized our Cytopoint injections is by placing them in a vaccine tray and placing the Cytopoint label between each size bottle. This saves space in our fridge and allows us to keep track of inventory easily.

Reasons I love working in the veterinary field

I have been in this industry for almost 19 years, and I am continuing to learn and educate peers and clients daily.

Interested in applying to join the Cove Crew?

Applications for the Cove Crew are now closed. If you are interested in joining, stay tuned as we plan on opening applications in the future for our active Vetcove users!

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