Jennifer Compton

Beaver Meadow Veterinary Clinic

Utica, NY


Practice Manager


October 2016

Vetcove Member Since

Current Role

I am the Practice Manager at Beaver Meadow Veterinary Clinic. We are a busy, privately owned hospital in upstate New York that embraces a positive business culture, team effort, and a healthy work/life balance.

Favorite Vetcove Tip

My favorite feature on Vetcove is the Support Chat. If I ever have a question, I can get a quick answer without stopping work to pick up the phone. All of the support staff are knowledgeable and happy to help whether it’s a product I can’t find or a general question. AND, if I have a suggestion for Vetcove, they listen!

Favorite Veterinary Life Hack

Veterinary Life Hack #1. Holster brand silicone “store anything”. These are super easy to clean and will cling (with no adhesive) right on your treatment or exam table and be quickly moved anywhere. We use them to hold IV catheter supplies.

Reasons I love working in the veterinary field

I love solving problems. So, when the dental equipment quits or our Practice Management Software starts to fuss I love jumping in to get things back in order as soon as possible. Of course, I also love being part of the problem solving that comes with animal care - tricks to stop IV line chewing, or coming up with a safe, stress free way to handle a fractious patient.

Interested in applying to join the Cove Crew?

Applications for the Cove Crew are now closed. If you are interested in joining, stay tuned as we plan on opening applications in the future for our active Vetcove users!

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