Kathi Sepulveda

The Pets Place Animal Hospital

Redlands, CA


Practice Manager


March 2016

Vetcove Member Since

Current Role

I am the Practice Manager at The Pets Place Animal Hospital. Like most privately owned practice managers I wear many hats. Some of what I do here include but not limited to managing our teams, I do my best to give them the tools to achieve their success here. I head up HR and all things digital regarding marketing and communications. Negotiate pricing with distributors and I work along side with the owners of our practice to do our best to provide exceptional service to our clients and their animal companions with quality care, medicine, education and compassion.

Favorite Vetcove Tip

I love that Vetcove gives me and my inventory manager the ability to see everything at a glance including history of sales with each vendor. So much going on here at Vetcove it's an awesome tool for any practice.

Favorite Veterinary Life Hack

Using over the door shoe hangers for medications for hospitalized patients.

Reasons I love working in the veterinary field

I have enjoyed this industry for over thirty years. It is a calling. I have worked every position in a practice. It's a rewarding field.

Interested in applying to join the Cove Crew?

Applications for the Cove Crew are now closed. If you are interested in joining, stay tuned as we plan on opening applications in the future for our active Vetcove users!

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