Keri Webb

St Francis Animal Hospital

Jacksonville, NC


Practice Manager


October 2017

Vetcove Member Since

Current Role

I am presently the Practice Manager at St Francis Animal Hospital, I have worked here for nearly 8 years, prior to being the practice manager I was a vet tech. My days include daily deposits, entire staff schedules, organizing fun, creating a positive environment, I manage the inventory, upload invoices, pay bills. I manage our social media for the practice and our website. I am in charge of recruitment in all areas of the clinic. I manage all HR issues on site and consult with our corporate HR. I also meet with all our vendors, I set up our lunch and learns. I guide our staff to be the best they can be and built a terrific team environment. We are very family like and I love that part of my job. I am as invested in the staff as they are in the practice.we are a low drama all girl warrior team. I do all the above and so much more. I love my job, I love my crew at work and I love our patients. I value every aspect of the clinic and the people who are hard at work here.

Favorite Vetcove Tip

I love having the ability to price shop and compare products in one page.

Favorite Veterinary Life Hack

We made a closed pillow case with a hole and attach our bair hugger for a reusable completely washable blanket.

Reasons I love working in the veterinary field

I love working with animals and the relationship with their owners, I was worried as I transitioned to my current role that I would not have that but I find that I still do and I ensure that the rest of the staff forms that bond as well with the pet families no matter their role here.

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