Kevin Marecle

Russelville Animal Clinic

Red Bay, AL




March 2018

Vetcove Member Since

Current Role

I am the owner of Russellville Animal Clinic. We are a mixed animal practice located in a rural setting with over 40 years combined experience helping animals of all sizes. As a young owner I am constantly looking for new ways to grow, reach, educate, and help as many patients as possible.

Favorite Vetcove Tip

The feature that I find the most beneficial is the ability with 1 click to find a similar product. This is especially useful when our usual supply is backordered or when we may not be satisfied in a current product and looking for an alternative.

Favorite Veterinary Life Hack

I have developed quite the reputation of being a frugal owner. We repurpose many products that have either become expired or no longer applicable for their intended use in an effort to reduce overhead as much as possible.

Reasons I love working in the veterinary field

As most that enter this field, I have always enjoyed animals and get a thrill everyday of helping something that otherwise could not help itself. A new adventure awaits behind each door and no 2 patients are ever the same. Having this mentality keeps you on your toes throughout the day and allows me to be as thorough as possible with each patient I see.

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