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You go to great lengths to make sure horses get the care they need. And we're here to support you every step of the way. With our new Equine Practice Enrichment Program, we'll bring you the best value on equine health products we offer, so you can get back to what matters most - helping horses stay healthy.

Program Overview

When you sign up, you'll enjoy:

Dedicated Coverage

With a dedicated Boehringer Ingelheim Territory Manager, you'll have 1:1 support that goes beyond product expertise, including help managing ordering needs, business analysis, staff training, access to biosurveillance diagnostic aid during outbreaks, and more.

24/7 VeTS Team Support

Whether you need customer support or technical knowledge, our team of veterinary experts is here to help 24/7. To contact, call 1-888-637-4251.

Customer Support

Boehringer Ingelheim not only provides in-clinic support through product brochures, coupons, and vet-channel Assurance Programs - but we also help you stay connected with customers through digital resources like Promoboxx and Client Connection.

Surprise and Delights

Get surprise swag, promotional materials and other exclusive items - just for being a Boehringer Ingelheim customer.

Program Enrollment

Eligibility and Enrollment FAQs

Who can sign up?

The program is available only to participating veterinarians with valid veterinary-client-patient relationships. Product must be utilized for patient.

When does the current program period start and end?

April 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021

Who do I contact to find my Boehringer Ingelheim Territory Manager?

Call Boehringer Ingelheim Customer Care at 1-888-637-4251 or email

What does it take to enroll?

To enroll, an eligible customer must complete the enrollment form with their Boehringer Ingelheim Territory Manager.

Does participating in this program disqualify me from participating in other Boehringer Ingelheim promotions?

By participating in the Boehringer Ingelheim Practice Enrichment Program, you are not eligible for spring, summer, and fall promos, as well as AAEP promotions and bid contracts. However, this program offers the year-round best pricing available for any qualifying members.

As a mixed-animal veterinary practice, can I participate in the Equine Practice Enrichment Program?

Yes. The program is available to participating veterinarians with valid veterinary-client-patient relationships, but is exclusive to equine sales.

Eligible Purchases

Eligibility and Enrollment FAQs

What purchases are eligible for the Equine Program?

See list of qualifying products on, or ask you Boehringer Ingelheim Territory Manager. Accounts participating in any equine pricing agreements are not eligible for rebates/discounts on products within existing pricing agreements but all sales on pricing agreements do count as volume builders for the kicker rebate.

Do I have to purchase through Boehringer Ingelheim to qualify?

No, you may continue to purchase Boehringer Ingelheim equine products however you wish. In some instances, Boehringer Ingelheim may require additional supporting evidence prior to providing qualifying rebates.

Which distributors will have their purchases count toward Boehringer Ingelheim Practice Enrichment Program?

All qualifying Boehringer Ingelheim products placed direct or with distributors will count toward retail progress.

Do my previous purchases count if I sign up after July 31?

In order to qualify for a full year of rebates, an account must sign up before the end of the enrollment period (May-July 2020).

If I get a discount directly from my distributor, am I still eligible for the program?

Yes. Discounts from your distributor will not disqualify you from participating in the program.

Vetcove Tracking and Progress

Tracking Qualifying Purchases and Receiving Earnings

Do I need to have online accounts with my distributors to participate?

Yes, access to each distributor's online purchasing portal is required. Online accounts are required to verify purchases and track real-time progress in the Boehringer Ingelheim Practice Enrichment Program.

What if I don't have an online account with my distributor?

In order to track progress, you must have online access with each distributor that you order Boehringer Ingelheim products from. Requesting online access is quick and easy, and access is generally provided within minutes or hours by each distributor.

Can I track my progress in the program?

Yes. You can track your progress in the program at any time within Vetcove. New purchases will be logged the day after the order is confirmed and completed by the vendor.

Is progress displayed by Vetcove always accurate?

Yes, data should always be accurate but Boehringer Ingelheim will verify all purchases before any rebates are paid. Note that orders that were just placed may take up to 24 hours to be confirmed by the vendor. They may not appear immediately as earned progress.

What if I think there's a discrepancy?

If you believe the progress shown on Vetcove does not match your records, please use the live chat or contact as soon as possible and we will take a look for you.

How do I see my final earned rewards?

At the conclusion of the current period for the program (March 31, 2021), there will be a short verification and settlement period. Your Territory Manager will be able to provide final earned rewards payment 6-8 weeks after the program term has ended.

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